Solid Gold – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

I love jewelry so if I see anything gold it catches my eye.  While waiting for our coach from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, I wandered off and bumped into The Gold ATM.  Oh yeah, you read it right.  I was immediately intimidated by how much the prices were so I didn’t even look and just took a picture.  Then I turned to walk back to my friends and saw a gold car in the same lobby.  I immediately thought to myself “I don’t think I brought enough spending money.”  To my surprise, I was ok!  The conversion at the time I went was 3.67 Dirham to 1 USD.  Phew!  

I was a little nervous because on my “must see” list was the Gold Souk in Deira which is known for beautiful gold jewelry.  Prior to visiting the souk. I asked some of the locals what they thought of it and where I should go to buy certain pieces and I was told ANYWHERE! I didn’t understand until they explained that you can haggle at the gold shops and it’s cheaper than the US.  It was like music to my ears.  I was able to score three pairs of 18K gold earrings and a custom made bracelet with “Mel” in Arabic for an equivalent of $390.  Not bad!

For those who would like to visit:

Gold Souk in Deira (Dubai)

Gold Souk  (Abu Dhabi)

This was the first thing I saw leaving the airport!

This was the first thing I saw leaving the airport!

24k gold Porsche

24k gold Porsche

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