Travel: Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

I was so lucky to have scored the best travel deal thanks to Travel Noire .  Ok, to bring you up to speed, there was a fare glitch with Etihad Airways on Christmas Day 2014 and I just so happened to be on twitter and saw the deal.   I totally thought this was a joke but when I finalized my purchase online, my non-stop round trip ticket from JFK to Abu Dhabi was $221. including taxes, fees, and travel insurance. Crazy, right!?!!  Which brings me to why I visited this beautiful Muslim country.

I had a list of sites that I wanted to visit but this by far was at the top.  To be honest, I did not have much knowledge about the Muslim culture except from what I learned in school.  I am so grateful that I was able to experience the culture first hand and practice some of the customs.  I left Grand Mosque with the deepest appreciation.

This was the most beautiful part of the visit….