The reason why I shaved my head.


Special thanks to:

Filmmaker Sam Song of Spare Tire Productions for bringing my vision to light.  You are truly the best!

Photographer MalekNaz Freidouni of for taking such beautiful photos and being such an awesome friend.

Hairstylist Gianne Nascimento for buzzing my hair to perfection and being part of such a profound moment with me.

Designer Virginia Arrisueño of DeNada for allowing me to use your beautiful studio.  I am forever grateful.

And to ALL of you that constantly support and follow me along this journey – THANK YOU!!!

I hope you enjoy!



15 Replies to “The reason why I shaved my head.”

  1. Amber Riley says:


    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog after watching MoKnowsHair on YouTube. Can I just say how much this video just resonated with me?!? I’m 29, married and had my first child last March. I’ve been a career woman but gave that up to care for my child and allow my husband to pursue his career. Toward the end of last year, I was feeling isolated, uncomfortable in my own skin and just not me. So, I made the decision to re-write my story. I chose to pursue happiness and seeing the glass as very full. On January 6,2016, I chopped all my hair off. My husband helped. I looked in the mirror; I smiled. This is me. And I love her. Wish I could send you a photo! No clue what I’m doing but I’m gonna keep rocking. Stay Blessed! Your video really touched me 🙂

  2. Melissa Burgos says:


    Thank you for watching and also sharing your beautiful story! We all deserve a second chance to our story. I am truly happy that you now love you and your husband was there to help you begin your journey. Sending you love and light to take with you on your next phase.


  3. HappilyNaturalLit26 says:

    You’re amazing Mel!! -HappilyNaturalLit26

  4. RJ Haynes says:

    I am laying in bed balling like a baby. That was the most beautifullest video of freeing oneself i have ever saw. Hair Industry has grabbed a whole of this Natural Hair & every add is big bigger and biggest curls ever but here i am a 55yr old menopausal women whose hair is extremely fine fragile & definitely not shown in media. # iamlettinggo is a phenomenal concept..not on instagram howeever i came to your site & I have been inspired. Peace Blessings & Always Light ♡

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Hi RJ,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and watching the video! There is so much more to us as women than what the media portrays and it’s up to us to live in our truth. We are ALL beautiful and special in our own way 🙂

      Sending you tons of peace and blessings back to ya!

      ~ Mel

  5. Jessica Messere says:

    Thank you for your video, do you have one with captions (CC)? The YouTube CCs are waaay off! Would love a way to truly understand your video and your process of letting go. Thank you, thank you!!

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Sorry for my delay in response and that the CC’s are off. I don’t have a video right now but let me see what I can do.


  6. Makeba Yeargins says:

    Wow, Melissa. Tu eres tan BELLA. In and out, i can tell. Si supieras que en julio me rapé mis "pasas" 🙂 por q la verdad me cansé de tantas cosas… No soy solamente rizos… Anyways, for a woman it requires a lot of courage. Courage i never thought i had. Pero me equivoqué. Im a woman, that alone makes me stronger than i think. Chica, acá en Trujillo Alto, PR te queremos mucho.

    • Melissa Burgos says:


      Muchas gracias por sus lindos complementos. Es tan grande oiga que ha evolucionado también! Te mando abrazos de DC.

  7. Laura says:

    Wow, what a powerful video thanks for sharing. I’ve had so much hair my entire life (mixed race) but with my military career it hasn’t defined me and I rarely let it down. I loved seeing how comfortable you are with and without it. Thanks again for sharing. Sincerely LH

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Thank you for beautiful compliment!

      I was in the military also and my hair was definitely the last thing I ever worried about 🙂

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Thank-you for sharing your vulnerability, strength and courage. I am inspired!


  9. Martha Harris says:


  10. LJ says:

    Hello Mel.

    Can you tell me what clippers Gianne used? Thanks.

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