Carol’s Daughter #BornandMade Campaign

I’m going to be honest, I thought once I shaved my head it was going to be over.  I mean my brand means “Rock Yo Curls.”  

I prepared myself for the negative comments and how I was going to respond.  I was afraid that I was going to confuse my audience because I was expressing the importance of loving your hair and I did the opposite.  I was worried that all the relationships in the hair care industry I worked so hard to develop were going to start to diminish since I no longer had my rizos to market products.  I anticipated not being invited to the hottest events and the list could go on but I must say I was wrong and all of that really didn’t matter.  Once I was true to myself I was able to be honest with you all and I feel like that’s what is important.   As you guys know by now, I am not my hair but it was a hard lesson that I needed to learn and I felt the need to share. Why? Because it’s not always about how you look on the outside, it’s how you feel on the inside. 

Given these points, not in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be asked to be part of such a beautiful campaign that totally represents what I stand for (this was on my dream board though)  

I’m a huge fan of Carol’s Daughter products but also of their #bornandmade campaign because it inspires women from all over to know their self worth and celebrate who they are.  Thank you to the entire Carol’s Daughter team for this amazing opportunity and being able to share it with nine other courageous women.  And thank you ALL for continuing to #rock with me!