Wash Yo Rizos Day!

If you have ran across or follow me on Instagram (@rock_yo_rizos), I used to post my routine there but I figured posting it here is sooooo much easier on the eyes Hahaha! 

Any who, today is the dreaded day of washing my hair.  I know you curly haired folks know exactly what I am talking about.  Urrrrrrrrgh!  Below is 8 days dirty hair.  Gross I know… but check it out!





Process Time: 40 minutes 

Wash: 1 X with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage Hydrating Soak Shampoo

Condition/Detangle:  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage Knot-Out Conditioner.  Finger combed hair from ends to root and rinsed with cold water.

Style: Coated hair with Sebastian Potion 9 wearable styling treatment and applied Ecostyler styling gel.

Diffused hair for 15 minutes on low heat.

I swear by the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Line!  Not only does it smell absolutely amazing (it contains mango oil and bamboo milk- Yum!!) but I don’t experience much shrinkage after my wash which is a huge plus for me and the conditioner is extremely hydrating.  I totally recommend trying it!



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  1. Jasmine Gooden says:

    Your hair is amazing! I've seen your photos on pinterest, and I'm excited to see that you have a blog and instagram!! When you are applying your gel, do you kind of just throw it on, or do you go section by section? I love your day one results!

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