WHOA Wednesday! Meet Inez

I have been super excited to share my first WHOA Wednesday with you all! 

This is Inez and I met her through a mutual friend at a party and there was like an instant connection- a curly connection that is (I’m sure you curly folks can relate) but this was different.  We started off talking about hair products, to wearing name brands like Cross Colours and LA Gear sneakers (Jeez I’m showing my age), leading to drinking quarter waters (little barrel juices of pure sugar and food coloring that cost 25 cents) and ended with reminiscing about growing up as a Latina in NYC.  It was like we already knew each other! Well enough of me rambling… MEET INEZ!

1. Name and where you are from?

My name is Inez Bonilla and I’m from the Lower East Side of New York.

2. How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a social butterfly. Very driven and passionate, serious but whitty with a strong personality. 

3. Tell us something about you that will make us say WHOA!

I am in my 30’s.. LOL 

4. How long have you been rockin’ yo rizos?

I have been rocking rizos since I started growing hair! There were times I could remember my mother fighting with me to do my hair and I won so she let me rock a fro. I started wearing my hair curly since I was 20 yrs old and it has become my trade mark in three different cities (NYC, LA, and Miami).

5. What is your hair routine (including staple hair products and home made recipes)?

My hair routine consists of washing every two to three days with Neutrogena shampoo and Queen Helene coconut leave in conditioner. I comb out my hair and add either Indian Hemp or coconut oil while it’s wet. Once the curls are separated, I blow dry my hair wildly. It is very important for me to dry the inside of my hair because it takes too long if I air dried it.  

6. Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram: @NezYorkCity and Twitter: PaintedFacesMM.

7. Any last thoughts? Anything you would love for us to know?

It’s okay to wear your hair natural because it’s beautiful! It separates you from the rest. Women who wear their hair naturally curly do stand out and that’s a great feeling to me. Curly hair is exotic and easy. I encourage all women to Rock Yo Rizos no matter where you are from!!!