The BEST moment…EVER!

So I was sitting at my desk preparing some documents to give to my boss for review and my phone would not stop vibrating.  I have it set for just emails and phone calls- the rest of my notifications are off so I’m not distracted.  I look down at my phone and noticed a considerable amount of texts from my amigas but I found it odd because it was the middle of the day (12:46pm to be exact).  As I slid the grid of my iphone, I noticed a tweet from Tracee Ellis Ross. Now, I absolutely LOVE and admire this woman.  I mean I have spent hours of my weekends on the sofa with popcorn watching Girlfriends and taking mental notes of her dope outfits and hairstyles.  Ok ok, back to the point –  I am a TOTAL novice to Twitter and I don’t understand it at all.  So, I check my twitter notifications to see what was written and this comes up.

I really thought it was a joke until I checked my e-mail and saw this…

I finally got around to my texts (at this point I was shaking) to read all of the amazing and heartfelt texts my friends wrote – LOVE you guys!  Now with all that being said, I just have to say THANK YOU to Tracee Ellis Ross.  I know everyone has a story but thank you for reading and sharing mine.



Read the awesome post written by my curlfriend on

*A SUPER BIG GRACIAS to my curlsisters Ana and Denise from Curly Essence for writing such a great article.  I am so humbled!

4 Replies to “The BEST moment…EVER!”

  1. Shon says:

    Hey, this is so awesome!! I too am a huge TER fan and read her post today and now I am here!!
    I love your blog and I'm your newest follower! So glad to meet you!

  2. RockYoRizos says:

    Thank you! Definitely appreciated 😉

  3. Leslie Anne says:

    I'm so excited for you. Tracee Ellis Ross is basically my God Mother (in my mind) lol

  4. RockYoRizos says:

    Hahahaa! Thank you.

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