Dr. Martens X Rock Yo Rizos

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram a sneak peek of my collab with Dr. Martens?  

Here’s why.  I was selected by SCDC Agency and Neuprofile as the ambassador for the iconic brand during Georgetown Blogger Crawl!  Ok, so I don’t leave some of you wondering what #GTBloggerCrawl is all about – it’s a day comprised of a group of local (DC, MD and VA) bloggers learning about the area and some of its top stores.  I must say I was super excited to work with Dr. Martens because not only do I loooove their boots but I wanted to know the history behind it.  While doing some research on the brand, here are some of the fun facts I discovered:

  • Inspired by a ski injury, Dr. Martens and his friend Dr. Funck invented an air-cushioned sole and were looking for investors.
  • In the late 1950, boot maker Bill Griggs was scrolling through an issue of Shoe and Leather News magazine to find the duo looking for overseas partners for their new air-cushioned sole.
  •  Griggs contacted Dr. Marten and the first boot was created on April 1, 1960.
  • Turning point for the brand and youth culture was when Peter Townshend of The Who wore the classic 1460 black boot on stage during a concert.  

For more info, click here

A huge thank you to the staff of Dr. Martens of Georgetown for the warm welcome and the lovely ladies of SDCD agency and Neuprofile for the wonderful opportunity with an American classic brand that has been around for over 50 years!




My new Hogarth Pascal boots

With brand ambassador Jessica Hoy

How cute are these for the babies?!?!!

Ever wondered how these boots are made?  Check out this video!

2 Replies to “Dr. Martens X Rock Yo Rizos”

  1. Eri Pro says:

    Hello Mel,
    I’m Erianna.

    Many things in life constantly seem to overwhelm us to where we can’t even remember who we are anymore. I know the feeling whether it be for relationship, personal or business somethings are just meant to be.We can’t always plan life but we can succeed at misplanning our future. I watched the Doc Martin Airwalk video. Thank you Sometimes most creators and inventors forget their sole reason. To STAND OUT. To be the one who doesn’t agree. I’m a natural I don’t know what to do 99.1% of the time concerning my hair but you made me feel like that’s alright.

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Hello Erianna,

      Thank you for sharing your sentiments. I’m truly humbled that little ol’ me changed your thoughts for the best. You are enough.

      Sending you tons of love and light!


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