Wash and Go routine: New Hydra Steam Moisturizing System by SoftSheen-Carson

Hey guys,

This is my first “How To” video!  I finally got the courage to stand in front of the camera to record my wash and go routine. Woooo Hooooo!

The awesome team of SoftSheen-Carson sent me the New Hydra Steam Moisturizing System, exclusively designed for use with steam treatments, which I try to do every time I wash my hair.  Infused with aloe vera, the system promotes frizz control and curl definition plus provides vital moisture to dry hair.  I really needed all the help I could get.  My hair has been really unmanageable because of this cold winter weather and my traveling schedule has not helped either.  Well, you’ll see…

I hope you all enjoy my routine.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.



VERDICT:  I looooved the way it made my hair feel!  My hair felt super soft with minimal shrinkage and the scent is light and pleasant.

I totally RECOMMEND the Hydra Steam Moisturizing System!

Products I used:

Hydra Steam sulfate-free cleanser

Hydra Steam masque

Hydra Steam curl designing cream

Hydra Steam finishing oil

EcoStyler gel (max hold)

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican black castor oil

4 Replies to “Wash and Go routine: New Hydra Steam Moisturizing System by SoftSheen-Carson”

  1. Jonai says:

    Hi Mel! I’ve been following your ig account for like million years now lol and I love it! This video is great! My younger sister bought me a hand held steamer and I’ve been searching for products to use with it and I’m thinking I should try this system after watching your video! So I have two questions 1. The spray/pump product you used at the end was hydra steam finishing oil? And two can you tell me how you speed up your video? My girlfriend an I make short dance videos for fun and we’ve been searching for a speed up app or something! I hope you do more tutorial!!! Your IG friend @jonaidanielle

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Hi Jonai!

      Thanks for following and all of your support. I really appreciate it.
      To answer your questions:

      1. Yes, I used the Hydra Steam finishing oil. I loved the way it made my hair feel! (Click on the link above – you can purchase it from there)
      2. I use a program called Final Cut Pro and it offers a speed up option.

      I hope this helps!


  2. Alex says:

    I’m curious about your haircut, how did you describe to your stylist what you wanted? I’ve been considering a look like this for a while, but I am so nervous to try it!

    • Melissa Burgos says:

      Hi! I bought a picture of Tanika Ray and singer Kelis because I just loved the shape and wanted a change. Don’t be nervous, have fun with your hair! The good thing about it is that your hair will grow back 🙂

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