I got a HAIRCUT at Devachan! Ok it was just a trim…

So between working my nine to cinco (five), coming up with new ideas to post, and working on some projects – I was able to squeeze in a much needed trim.  In my previous Wash Yo Rizos Day post I noticed a lot of hair breakage all over and plus I knew I needed to reshape my pelo (hair).  I was super excited to be able to get a last minute appointment with my hair angel (yep, that’s what I consider her) Nevila at the Devachan Salon in NYC.  The Deva hair cutting technique is very unique.  The hair is actually cut dry in its natural form and curl by curl which allows the stylist to shape the hair according to the curl type and desired style.  It’s very different from what I was used to – a wet cut or it was blow dried straight.  I have been her loyal client for the past two years and extremely fortunate to have found her.  Check out her skills….


Nevila had her work cut out for her…

Thanks to all the stylists walking by that took pics of the process!




P.S. If you decide to go visit and get a haircut from her – let her know I sent ya! 🙂

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  1. Adventures in Repatriation says:

    Love your hair! Had my hair done there in 2008 and still thinking about it!

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