photo:  nikki rich

photo: nikki rich

I love to run but not the type of running you see in the picture above.  

I run when: 

  • Balancing my 9-5 and blogging
  • There is conflict
  • I feel vulnerable
  • When I need to make huge decisions
  • My family issues
  • My relationship
  • My financial situation

I mean this list can go on but ultimately, I decided to stop running from myself.  I took these two months that I have not posted and finally took care of myself.  I knew I had to stop making excuses from the harsh realities that I knew were present in me because I was ALWAYS tired and completely uninspired.  

There were several steps that I have taken and will continue to practice.

  • Take time off

I took a break from my busy schedule to stop and reflect.  Sounds simple, right?  It wasn’t for me. I used my overloaded schedule (even named it “My Hustle”) to avoid dwelling on issues that I couldn’t confront.  To fix that, I declined attending a couple of events and gave myself without any distractions, an hour a day.

  • Stop taking myself so serious

I accepted the fact that I am not Superwoman.  Yes, what a harsh reality check! lol I was measuring my worth according to all of my accomplishments and not by who I really am- a sensitive, caring and silly woman who will not always mount to perfection.  And that is OK!

  • Acknowledge my behavior

I had to learn to sit and think things through and be really honest with myself so I can be honest with you all.

  • RUN! (literally)

I decided to run – literally.  I am very athletic and I never really enjoyed running since it was mandatory while I was in the military.  I met my new buddy Monica virtually through Instagram and mutual friend of ours and I asked if I can join the Nike Run Club here in DC.  She doesn’t know this but her IG feed inspired me to get out there and get physically healthy again.  I have been running with the club for the past two weeks, three times a week and I have ran at least 15 miles! Crazy.

This post is another step in my journey.  I’m sure for those who have read my posts here and if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you thought Mel has it all down packed but I didn’t.  I will tell you this, I am loving this new road that I am on and I’m going to continue running it without looking back.




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  1. McKenzie Renae says:

    You got it girl! We all go through these times and they make us stronger and more prepared for our future. You’ve already taken the first step which is taking care of yourself first 🙂
    McKenzie Renae

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