Flashback Friday- BOLITAAAAAAS!

NOPE! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  HAHAHA!!!!

I’m sure some serious memories come to mind when you saw this picture….  


  1. Getting excited when your mami or papi (whoever did your hair) matched them with your entire outfit – especially picture day.
  2. Attempting to wrap one around your hair so tight that it snaps and knocks you hard on a knuckle.
  3. Then trying to sleep with them in your head so you don’t have to endure the pain of getting your hair done over.
  4. Oh yeah and when you had a style and they were tied at the ends of your hair- don’t turn your head too quick because you could’ve possibly lost an eye! 

I mean I can go on.  What I find interesting while reminiscing about these hair accessories and discussing it with friends is all the different names.  In my casa, we called them “bolitas” pronounced bow-lee-tas which means little balls in Spanish.  I asked some friends yesterday and I heard “knockers”,  “click clacks”, and “bo bo’s”.  

Am I missing any?  I so wanna know….