Impromptu Photoshoot – NYC

A couple of weeks ago I was home visiting family and friends.  After brunch at The Smith (the french toast was ahhhmazing), my friends and I decided to check out the shoe store Melissa.  While waiting for my amiga to pay for her purchase, I ended up getting into a hair convo with the employees there – from how haircuts make a difference, to how long your hair really is after straightening it, and the infamous question “Is that reeeeally all your hair” hahahaa.  After responding “Yes”, I noticed in a store full of women there was only one guy in there and I was sure he was over our talk…. but maybe not!  After we left, we were trying to figure out our next spot, he approached me.   He introduced himself as Pete and asked if he can take some photos of me.  Of course I was reluctant (in my head) because you never know these days but I said “Sure”!  After handing me his card, he pulled out his camera and began to shoot.  Once he was done, we started to chat about his business card, music and hair!  So Pete is actually a celebrity photographer and has shot the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Wolf James and Elle Varner to name a few but ironically he photographs my one of my hair crushes Rene’ Daniella (@ownbyfemme)!   

Please enjoy Pete’s work….

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