Whoa Wednesday! Meet Aryeh

I met Aryeh at an art event out here in DC and was in awe of his beautiful RED rizos.  I approached him immediately because honestly I have not seen hair like this on a man, only in magazines.  So after my numerous complements, I asked if I can feature him and gave him my card.  I have to tell ya, I was happy to get the e-mail saying “Tell me what you need.”  So without further adieu- Meet Aryeh!

1. Name and where you are from?

My Name is Aryeh Schwartz, I am originally from Minnesota but recently moved to Washington, DC.

2. Tell us about yourself?

I’m 24 and I work full time as a preschool teacher and part time as a professional photographer. 

3. I’m sure you have been approached about your curls- they are beautiful! Can you tell us a quick story about an encounter?

I happen to be the only redhead in my family. Growing up I got many jokes about being the milkman’s child and what not, mostly from my older brother. So one day we were at a mall and he was ranting on and on about how nobody liked my hair and it was ugly. Just a few minutes later as we went down some stairs, a lady stopped us and gave me a big speech that sounded something like this “WOW! Your hair is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I would kill for that color and curls!” She went actually on for a few minutes. Once she left my brother gave me a hug and apologized, he never insulted my hair again.

4. How long have you been rockin’ yo rizos?

I grew my hair out a few times in middle and high school. Once I graduated high school, I shaved my head and have not cut it since.

5. What is your hair routine?

Ha! Everyone hates me for this part. I have a strict process: I shampoo with Head and Shoulders once every two weeks and condition using Clear scalp and hair therapy.  After rinsing, I reapply a small amount of conditioner again with a light rinse before I get out. I then towel dry and pull my hair back with a headband for 45 minutes post shower, then put it in ponytail.

6. Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: Aryeh Photography

Blog:  www.aryehphoto.com

7. Any last thoughts? Anything you would love for us to know?

Once a Ginga always a Ginga. Redheads for life!!!

Peace out,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow i love his hair!!!! and his photography is amazing!!! im planning on buying a few images!!!!!!!

  2. RockYoRizos says:

    That's awesome!

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