Dominicans con RIZOS – (Part 5) Meet Stephanie!

Tell me about your hair journey.

I decided to go natural two years ago.  Up until then I was the “typical” Dominican girl going to the salon every week.  One day I decided I was tired of straight hair and wanted to try something new.  A friend encouraged me to go natural after seeing my natural hair while on vacation. In the beginning it was really hard as I navigated through diffident products and various styling methods. When I visited my first curly salon, the stylist asked me if I relaxed my hair because it had so much heat damage. I never relaxed it but you couldn’t tell looking my hair wet.  I’ve had to cut off at least 8-10 inches from my hair but I had no choice as my ends were completely ruined. When I first started my transition, my family couldn’t understand why I didn’t straighten my hair and would try to convince me to go to the salon. I am completely happy with my hair and now wear my curls proudly.

What’s your occupation? What have you experienced in wearing your natural hair?

I currently work as an allocation analyst at a fashion company. I’ve been with this company for about 4 months and in the beginning I would always wear my hair tied up in a bun.  One day I decided to leave my hair out and everyone would ask me about my hair and whoever passed by my desk would compliment me. Several people asked me why I didn’t wear my hair out more often. Slowly I began to wear my hair out all the time and feel completely comfortable doing so. I am really lucky to work in a creative industry where originality is encouraged.  

Photos by: Maleknaz