Nighttime Routine


I have been asked on several occasions what my nighttime routine is and I’m here to show you.

Step 1: I use a satin pillowcase- it reduces friction to my rizos and aids in maintaining moisture.  Another benefit is that it reduces stress to your skin!


Step 2:  I lift my hair from underneath

Step 3: I lay down with my curls over the folded over part

Step 4:  SLEEP!

Photos by: Jada Roams


Just that simple!  (Well with some hope that I do not sleep crazy)

I reseal my hair with 100% argan or grapeseed as needed before bed.

NOTE:  I have attempted the “pineapple” method but it does not work for my hair texture or haircut.  The imprint of the hair tie stays in my hair and I have had to wet and reapply products too often.  I also have tried using a satin bonnet and it just ended up on the other side of the bed.  

Regardless of your routine, I suggest using a satin pillowcase, scarf or bonnet. Not only are they affordable but your rizos and your skin will benefit big time!