Featured: Virtual Beauties by: Shazart

How talented is my buddy Shaz?  


I always had a true appreciation for artists because my stick figures are truly embarrassing so when I stumbled along Shaz’ art work via his Instagram I was in love with his work!  The details of his drawings are so elaborate and captivating.  To my surprise, he informed me that he was creating a book called Virtual Beauties and asked if I would like to be a part of it.  I mean, of course!! 

This was the concept behind the book (as told by Shaz)

“Beauty is subjective, each of us has his own perception of art.  What could be more intense than cultural diversity.  Although beauty is subjective, it is through different female faces that the project Virtual Beauties transcends reality to exceed borders.  It’s from the social network Instagram that 30 women far from prejudice are making us travel.”



  Pick up your copy here !

For more details on his work check out: www.shazart.tumblr