Camille Rose Product Review – Curl Maker

Hey guys!  

I know it has been a reaaally long time since I have posted anything hair related (Sorry!) But I’m back at it.  Take a look as I tried Camille Rose’s Curl Maker.




My hair looks exactly how it feels – DRY.  This is three day hair.




What a difference!  

I’m going to be honest with you all, I was nervous to use this product because I was not used to the texture and the consistency of it.  Also, the thought of having to rewash my hair stressed me out BUT it proved me wrong! Camille Rose Curlmaker made my hair feel great.  These pictures actually do it no justice because the biggest difference I noticed was that my hair was very soft and well defined. Oh I almost forgot, the scent is light and very pleasant.

So my verdict is: TWO Thumbs up!