WHOA Wednesday! Meet Karen

This is my homegirl and we actually went to high school together!  Ok so don’t let the beautiful green eyes and the gorgeous head of rizos fool you because she is one of the FUNNIEST people I know.  Not only does she do the best Latoya Jackson impersonation (no seriously), she is an amazing dancer, and believe it or not but she is also a professor!  Oh yeah, you read it correctly.  I was absolutely excited when I found out she decided to finally go natural.  So Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you…..Karen!

1. Name and where you are from?

Karen Cardosa from Washington Heights in New York City.

2. How would you describe yourself?

A social butterfly with a carefree spirit, a lover of spicy food, a hilarious friend with a crazy family and loves to jet set all over the globe! 

3. Tell us something about you that will make us say WHOA!

Growing up, straight hair was always considered a symbol of beauty. I still recall the ladies at the hair salon saying I couldn’t be beautiful without straightening my hair. Once I decided to go natural, I’d been relaxing my hair for so many years my own mom had no clue I had curly hair!

4. How long have you been Rockin’ Yo Rizos?

It’s been almost 5 years!! 

5. What is your hair routine (including staple hair products and home made recipes)

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap is my go-to shampoo, Aussies 3min Conditioner is great for detangling and moisturizing. I use my fingers for detangling in order to minimize breakage. While in the shower I apply whichever curly cream I have nearby. As most natural girls, I’m also a product junkie. Among my favorites are Kinky Curly, Moroccan Oil curl creme, Mizani curl textures cream and Dark n’ Lovely Au Naturale. Because my hair absorbs moisture quickly, I like to add a little cold water to each section of hair as I apply the product. Once I’m done I seal my ends with some coconut oil, and off to diffuse I go!

Homemade recipe: Shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil in equal parts works wonders as a deep conditioner.

6. Where can we find you on social media?

Find me on Instagram @kcard07

7. Any last thoughts? Anything you would love for us to know?

The curly hair movement in the Latino community is just now starting to boom. It brings me a great sense of pride that we’re embracing our roots and our hair in its natural state. Coming from a girl that heard she had “pelo malo” or “bad hair” all throughout her childhood, it is more than refreshing to hear the ladies working in hair salons asking me for curly tips and revering my wild mane. How long we’ve come!!



Karen aka Puff K