Silver Streaks

After I got my hair trimmed about a month ago, my blonde tips were practically gone so I decided to experiment with a different color.  I always wanted to dye my hair gray since I already have a couple floating around but after asking my hairdresser friends about the process, I decided to take the easy and less damaging route and SPRAY my color!

Here was my process…


(wore an old sweatshirt that I didn’t mind staining)

Streaks ‘N Tips Temporary Color spray – Platinum

Reduce the mess- put on gloves

Held the can upright and sprayed short even bursts onto dry hair


Process time: 15 minutes

I sprayed the curls individually and in no particular order.  I made sure once I applied the color on the ends, I smoothed it over so it wouldn’t clump.  It was a very easy process.  I bought extra cans to do it again.  I mean you can’t go wrong for six bucks!