un-ruly.com Presents You Can Touch My Hair, A Short Film

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the private screening of “You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film” presented by un-ruly.com in partnership with Pantene Pro-V in New York City.  Un-ruly.com held a two day public art exhibit on June 6, 2013 in Union Square – the crowd and emotions that it created were astounding….Check it out!



The screening of the film was followed by a panel discussion featuring expert cultural critic and writer Michaela Angela Davis, Un’ruly founder Antonia Opiah, model/vlogger Autumn McHugh and facilitated by broadcast journalist, filmmaker and voice-over artist Safiya Songhai.


Un’ruly founder Antonia Opiah

Michaela Angela Davis

 Curly connections with Autumn McHugh and Michaela Angela Davis

I really enjoyed the film! 

Despite the fact that race became a factor in opinions, I was able to relate to almost every experience mentioned even though I’m Latina.  I personally feel that women and men from a global standpoint have experienced some sort of “conversation”in wearing their hair in their natural state (whether it’s positive or negative).  Being natural comes with a sense of confidence that is achieved in embracing yourself and what you were born with.

A special thanks to Abigail and Antonia Opiah of unruly.com for inviting me to view this magnificent project.  I can not wait to see what’s next!